Tseran: The Player


There is a lot to tell about this person that is named Tseran. For those that wish to know the basics, they will find them here. For those that wish to know the intimate details, you will need to get to know him personally. Don't be afraid, introduce yourself to him. You may like what you find, you may not.

Starting at the beginning, he was born October 17, 1974 in a place called Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The second child of his parents, he soon learned that life was not fair. Due to his father cheating on his mother, he lost the only male role model in his life and moved with his older sister and mother to the other side of the country.

After a string of moves, his mother finally settled down in a small place called Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada where Tseran spent most of his life growing up. Going through many years, getting to know people and make some friends, as well as having minor male role-models in the form of a few 'Uncles at Large' (an organization similar to Big Brothers) he still had mainly a female influence in his life.

As he was just getting settled in his life in Sherwood Park, his mother once again moved, dragging him away from those he had come to know, and moving an hour and a half south to a city called Red Deer. It was a nice enough town and he met some really nice people. There was one person who stuck out in his mind, someone he had a huge crush on, but never said a word to, since he was so shy. It broke his heart when he got a call from her two days before he was to move to the other side of the country, this time alone, to go to college in Toronto. Part of him still wishes he could find her, but he knows that door closed on him a long time ago.

In Toronto, he attended Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, taking a course called Electromechanical Engineering Technologies, or to the layman, robotics programming. In his time there, he met some great folks, learned a lot about himself, had his first date, had his first girlfriend, and had his first stalker girlfriend that he later had to get off his tail. At the end of it all, he found someone who he thought he could spend the rest of his life with. And so, he packed his bags and moved to Alabama.

Once there, he found the woman and found her to be quite compatible with him in certain areas. Of course, being in love as he was, he didn't notice the areas that weren't in synch, and when forced to look at them just went with the opposites attract theory. He soon married her, and stayed with her as she finished out the year in university. Once she did, they moved in with her parents until they could get on their feet, but his inability to work in the US being a Canadian led to a little stress. He was CONVINCED to go back to Canada and begin the proceedings to get the ability to work in the US. The translation of that last line is that his in-laws kicked him out.

He went back to live with his mother, who had returned to Sherwood Park, and started to try and find work, to save up for his applications. After some time, his wife joined him and they lived in his mother's basement, with a nice fully furnished bathroom. It wasn't bad, but his mother soon returned to her hating ways and began to put stress into the equation again, trying to get him out and causing a lot of stress to the marriage. When his mother-in-law became sick, his wife immediately left to be with her. She never came back. When he finally obtained the paperwork needed to work in the US, it had been 2 and a half years, and his wife was not the person he married anymore. So when he came to the US, he stayed with a friend for a while, and when it became obvious that they were not compatible, she asked for a divorce from him.

Heartbroken, he wandered all over the US, staying in Texas for a year, then going to Indiana for about 8 months, and finally getting into another bad relationship that led him to Oklahoma, where he has been for over a year now, and wants desparately to leave. He left the bad relationship when she cheated on him in the appartment that he was paying for, despite his name not being on the lease. He is hounded by her still.

Online Names

Tseran has many aliases that he uses online. Some of them are unique, others have been seen before or are from mythology. Tseran is actually the newest online name he has taken and so far he hasn't shown any sign of wanting to change it. However, for completeness, here is the list of aliases he has used in the past:

Most of the other names he may use are characters in various games, and it would take forever and a day to list them all here. These, however, are the ones you may see scattered across the net.


One thing that tends to drive some people crazy is that Tseran is very silly. He tends to take very little in life seriously when in a social situation. If it comes to work, he is usually dead serious, but if its not work related, expect silliness. Usually shy at first if you ever meet him in person, he is quite bouyant once he gets out of his shell.


Tseran is quite highly educated, not only finishing all the grade school levels in 12 years, graduationg with a small scholarship for academic achievement. He also graduated as an Electromechanical Engineering Technician with honors from Humber College. He has knowlege of several programming languages, including HyperTalk, Lingo, BASIC, AppleScript, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and a basic understanding of C, in addition to some very specialized robotics control languages and basic CNC systems. Except what he was taught in college about the robotics and CNC systems, almost everything he knows he picked up from reading books and teaching himself.


Tseran was, for many years now, a very devout athiest, with a taint of agnostic tendancies. He would curse when things went against him. He was always ruled by one diety, even though he never knew it in his conscious mind. One day, in a fit of despair, he turned and prayed to her to bless him, to aid him. She gave him more than he wever could have asked for. He gained her blessing. Some know very little about her, but she blessed him with more than just a guiding light, but also some of her powers. She game him some of her sensual powers. Since the time he asked for her aid, he has been granted many things....including the love of his life. In thanks for her divine wisdom, he has written this for her....

I gaze up, looking upon your face, in it's exquisite beauty. The smooth roundness of your face smiles down upon me, lighting up my night. I smile back at you, wishing to be closer to you. I reach up, to touch your face. Your smooth curves, so close and yet so far. I whisper my thanks to you for gracing me with your light and blessing. Thank you Luna, I love you my goddess.

He is what is known as an Eclectic Solitary Wiccan, and is quite opposed to organized religion as he believes that organizations, no matter how good their intentions, eventually become corrupt. This is what has happened to every single religion that has become organized. And please, don't try and 'save' him as he is quite happy with what he has found, and isn't planning on changing for anyone. He has seen a miracle that is greater then anything an archaic book can conjure up.


There are many things that Tseran truly likes, and he will do his best to list them here.

There is a lot more that he likes, and this list is just scratching the surface. You can learn more as you get to know him.


The list of dislikes that he has is not quite as extensive, but they generally are pretty strong. Usually if something bothers him enough to make it to a dislike, it ends up being something he strongly dislikes.

Not a lot, as you can see, but there is some very signifigant points in there.

That is the basic information that you should need to know. There are many links to more detailed information for you to look at. Some of them take you to pages where you can learn about the things he talks about, and others take you to samples of what he is talking about.