Tseran: The Character


A quicksilver dragon, born in the world of Argentairia under the name of Feldarrath. After over a thousand years of live there, he was killed by the god of death...only to be brought back almost immediately. The experience in the realm of the dead afforded him some strange powers, which soon after manifested themselves. First, his magic power was increased by an incredible magnitude. Secondly, he found he could travel the planes and dimensions as a planeswalker. Strangely, there is some debate in his mine about what his name is and where he comes from. It appears that once he left Argentairia, he not only entered another plane, but an alternate time-line. The one he knows has been lost to time, and appears that the time-line he knew is totally lost. For example, the god of death who killed him, is not named the same as he remembers. In fact, the god of death is Tsera'an. Part of him thinks that this is why he took the name, but something in his memory tells him it has to do with elves he grew up near. Sometimes in his travels, he adopts the name of Veldarius.

OOC: In the world where he remembers coming from, he never actually existed he remembers. The only explantion that can be offered is that by becoming a planeswalker, something that is not allowed by the world he came from, the world responded by erasing much of his history from the world. However, there is still a Feldarrath on that world, which leads to part of his history later.


This wonderful picture by Peachtea (Marisa Rosa Carrasquillo)

Physically the same form as the rest of his kin from Argentairia, Tseran is slightly larger than a wyrm of his age should be...a side effect of travelling the planes. However, instead of just the dragon form, and the silver skinned elven form, he can now take on a smaller sized dragon form, a half-dragon form, and a fully human form.

In his dragon form, from the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail, he looks to be a good 75' long, perhaps even longer. The mirror finish of his silvery hide has an oily appearance that makes it difficult to focus on him enough to get a proper estimate. Half his entire 75' length seems to be tail alone, which swishes and moves anxiously. His wings are folded close to his back, occasionally pushed out to stretch, and reach a good 150' wingspan. He has sapphire blue eyes, betraying his non-violent nature. The horns on his head are vicious, looking to be barbed, as his ear flap opens and closes like a fan, looking like the sail of a sail-back dinosaur. The body of this wyrm is long and thin, almost snake-like. Despite the large size of this massive dragon, he moves with a sinewy grace and speed. His arms and legs end in claws with long, vicious looking talons that curve menacingly. Like his horns his claws are barbed.

In his half-dragon form, standing about 6' tall, he appears to be vaugly humanoid. His skin is a silvery color with an oily appearance that reflects light like a mirror. His face is angular, slightly pointed, with a flattened nose, and a mouth full of fangs. Behind his ears are a pair of flaps that match his dragon ear flaps. From his head falls a long mane of silvery blue hair. His eyes are azure blue, and slitted like a cats. His form is very muscular, but not huge. He is quite lithe, and the muscles are of the wiry variety, and he appears to be able to spring into action at a moments notice. On the end of his strong arms, his hand moves constantly with fingers are long and agile with razor sharp retractable claws on the ends. His finely toned legs end in feet that almost look show his dragon heritage, but not nearly as well as the thin, whip-like tail protruding from his behind, or the pair of bat-like wings that are folded neatly over his back. He can still fly in this form, but his movement is limited.

Little is known about the human and elven forms. To date, the few people that have seen his elven form are either dead or in the land of Argentairia. His human form, which he once claimed was really a human suit he was wearing over top of his dragon form, is said to actually be a reflection of his soul as it was trapped in another dimension.

More information will become available about this wyrm as time goes on.